Friday, June 3, 2011

More Signatures needed and Guardian Meeting!

So, my Rep called me yesterday and advised me that there were some papers missed that needed signatures. I signed MANY papers the day of contract and now there seem to be some that were missed? Hmmm.. Weird to say the least, but I have to travel down to the model to sign them, which the model isn't in the neighborhood, yet miles away. Just inconveinance!

Also, Guardian called and scheduled me for next Friday. We are now moving along. They have me scheduled for a September closing. Says Ground Break to Closing will be 90 days? We will see..

NVR rep called yesterday and says he was sending out the application for me to do, so I should receive it today and have it back to him by Monday. Hoping and praying to have an answer very soon afterwards. (fingers crossed) I have to advise my current landlord what I will be doing as far as renewing or not. I have 2 weeks or so to do that.


  1. Well for most of us it has been about 3 months from ground breaking to closing... We broke ground in APril and we are closing early July so that's about right! Now, there are some exceptions to the rule but they are the few. Thigns are really about to start rolling. Two weeks after the ground breaking its all up hill!!

  2. The great thing about building is that you get to choose what you want in the house and decide what things should go in what room. Things will go pretty fast once ground breaking starts. Have fun at your guardian meeting.

    Have you choose what colors you want for the exterior of your house? For me that was the fun part. :)

    Expect to sign a few paperwork along the way. I heard when it comes at closing day there are a ton more paperwork to sign. September closing is not too far off from here before you know it it will be here.

  3. Oh paperwork! Just wait. It's just the beginning! NVR will be sending you more stuff to sign later! lol

    I understand your predicament. Our lease was up Jan. 31!!! We explained to our landlords our situation and they agreed to let us stay on to as late as April while we looked for a place and got financing, without signing another contract. THANK GOD!! Now, no matter what, we have to be out Aug. 1st. They have been MORE than accommodating! We have been very blessed that they were willing to help us so much!

    Tell NVR that you need to know so you can let your landlord know in 10 days. See that can't help speed things along. In the mean time, is there anyway you could talk to you landlord and see if they could give you extra time like us? You never know unless you try, right?

    We broke ground in the beginning of May and are closing the end of July. So that time frame sounds about right. Once they break ground, it all goes a whole a lot faster than everything has up til now. You'll see!

    GL!! Let us know how it all goes!! *hugs*

  4. Ohhhhhh to have a short cycle from the time of signing the contract till you have keys in hand. We signed our contract December 28th, are slated to break ground June 15th with an 85 day build cycle. I am ready to head over tomorrow with my shovel and start digging. But the positive side (or is it) of taking so long is we have been making changes non-stop and still will squeeze in a couple more before the 15th.

    Remember...enjoy the don't get to build a custom mini-MacMansion too often.

  5. I did speak with my complex manager and she said NO PROBLEM. So, atleast I know I won't have to move in with my Brother, sis in law, and nephew for those couple of months.

    BD, I am trying to enjoy, but I can't stop thinking about this mortgage app.

    Stephanie, that will be a MAJOR weight lifted.