Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picked Siding and Change Order for Cabinets!

Hi Guys,

Life is a tad hectic. Being a single Mom of a 2 1/2 year old, full-time employee, and college is ALOT! But, I am trying to stay on top of this because you guys that are detailed helped me MUCHO. So, yesterday I picked the siding(SandTone?) and door color is (WineStone?). I am hoping I got the colors right. I don't have shutters on my house with Elevation C. Which, I don't know how to feel about that yet. Does anyone have Venice Elevation C? I have yet to see a finished house with this elevation, so I can only cross my fingers that it will look nice. As for the Cabinets, I am HEAVILY weighing towards the Espresso. Just need the courage to take that bold step, if not I will definitely change to Cherry. Right now I have Maple Cognac, but I want a darker one. Also, I decided to do the plumbing rough-in in the basement. But, that is all that is going on right now. Just waiting on that call saying "Vanessa, great news, you are Clear to Close!" Until then, I am still on edge, I know I'm probably plucking you guys nerves saying it so much, bc my Mother has told me more than once to be quiet and let God work. Also, just to let you know, I am keeping up with your blogs, just not always signed in to comment quickly, but I'm watching and progress is great so far.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Processing the Application!

I work for a smaller company, so when they sent the verification of employment over, it went through me. I am excited to know that they are atleast working on my application. Would I be too ambitious to pray for an approval by next week?! Either way, I am praying for it.

On a design note, what color cabinets did you guys pick? Right now mine are Maple Cognac, but I haven't seen any pics on the blog of a completed kitchen with them. thinking of going up to the Espresso color, but scared it may be too dark? But, I am very modern, contemporary, so I think it will be a better fit. So, if you guys know any bloggers that have Maple Cognac or the Espresso cabinets, please direct them my way, or me their way. Thanks!

Elevation C with porch! Yes, I am BEYOND excited. Only options here are Elevations A,B,C. I chose B for the porch, but I can have Elevation C with the porch. So, win,win, I am stoked!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mortgage Application Sent!

That was many many signatures and initials. But, I am sooo glad for it to be sent. Now 10-15 days until I know the final decision if I am "Clear to Close" So, that's relief, then I have Flooring and Guardian next week. I was due for it to be Friday, but I was out sick from work Mon and Tues so no leaving for me. lol.. Also, I meet with my rep on Sat to pick Siding and stuff.. My Mom knows I won't relax until I get the clearance from the Mortgage Company, so she was asking why I had to pick the stuff now before I knew anything, and I think that is a good question. It would be so heartbreaking to do it all and then not have an ok.. So, even with my Loan Officer saying a few times over, it should be no problem getting it approved, I still worry. But, I pray and leave it alone.

So guys, whats new? lol..

Friday, June 3, 2011

More Signatures needed and Guardian Meeting!

So, my Rep called me yesterday and advised me that there were some papers missed that needed signatures. I signed MANY papers the day of contract and now there seem to be some that were missed? Hmmm.. Weird to say the least, but I have to travel down to the model to sign them, which the model isn't in the neighborhood, yet miles away. Just inconveinance!

Also, Guardian called and scheduled me for next Friday. We are now moving along. They have me scheduled for a September closing. Says Ground Break to Closing will be 90 days? We will see..

NVR rep called yesterday and says he was sending out the application for me to do, so I should receive it today and have it back to him by Monday. Hoping and praying to have an answer very soon afterwards. (fingers crossed) I have to advise my current landlord what I will be doing as far as renewing or not. I have 2 weeks or so to do that.