Sunday, May 29, 2011

All the Options, Options, Options.

Let me first start by saying I am an indecisive person. But, I got through this and I am happy about it. lol..

I was pre-approved for enough to do 1 of 3 things:
1. Buy a BIG house with NO options.
2. Buy a teeny house with EVERY option.
3. Buy a Medium house with MoSt options.

I chose #3. I got the Venice with most options I wanted. (couldn't do the granite : ( But, I will get it soon after hopefully. Along with the hardwood floors on first floor, I grew up with hardwood and I just love it!

So, my list of options are:

Elevation B
Morning Room w/ extra windows
Gourmet island
Fireplace w/ remote
Upgraded Carpet Padding on 2nd Floor
Upgraded kitchen cabinets
Upgraded appliances
Cabinet crown molding
Upgraded Owners bath(glass shower
Double bowl vanity
Upgraded secondary vanity and masters vanity
2 ceiling fan rough-ins(morning room and owner room)
Recessed Kitchen Lights

Contract is already signed, but I will likely be putting in a change order to include basement bathroom rough-in.  Also, I want an outlet on island.

From the Beginning!

When I first started looking for a house to purchase, I thought it would be easy. A buyers market, right? Well, not really this buyer's market! The homes I liked, needed WORK. More than I was willing to do. So, I decided I wanted new, or atleast relatively new. Then I found out that Ryan Homes were building in an existing neighborhood that was already established. So, I said, GREAT that is definitely an option.

I had to almost beg my Realtor to show me some of their models. (story for a later time) Anywho, we went I loved them, I bounced around the affordability with the options because who can do without ANY options? Exactly. So, I took time to figure out which lot would work, I feel, I have a WONDERFUL lot. Made some choices on options and went and signed the contract YESTERDAY! Yayyyyy!

I am joyed today, which I wish I could say that about yesterday. My brother went with me to sign contract and wanted to take pics of me doing so, but I opted out bc I was majorly sick. But, I got through it and I am UNDER CONTRACT! Can we say excited?! I am not completely celebrating yet bc I want to wait for the FINAL approval from underwriting. That will be a tad nerve wrecking until I get that. My ratios are kinda borderline for my loan program. But, I will keep you guys updated. Btw, thank you to all of you bloggers, I've been watching for a long while, you guys have made my decisions on options almost a breeze and I've learned so much. Thanks