Sunday, May 29, 2011

All the Options, Options, Options.

Let me first start by saying I am an indecisive person. But, I got through this and I am happy about it. lol..

I was pre-approved for enough to do 1 of 3 things:
1. Buy a BIG house with NO options.
2. Buy a teeny house with EVERY option.
3. Buy a Medium house with MoSt options.

I chose #3. I got the Venice with most options I wanted. (couldn't do the granite : ( But, I will get it soon after hopefully. Along with the hardwood floors on first floor, I grew up with hardwood and I just love it!

So, my list of options are:

Elevation B
Morning Room w/ extra windows
Gourmet island
Fireplace w/ remote
Upgraded Carpet Padding on 2nd Floor
Upgraded kitchen cabinets
Upgraded appliances
Cabinet crown molding
Upgraded Owners bath(glass shower
Double bowl vanity
Upgraded secondary vanity and masters vanity
2 ceiling fan rough-ins(morning room and owner room)
Recessed Kitchen Lights

Contract is already signed, but I will likely be putting in a change order to include basement bathroom rough-in.  Also, I want an outlet on island.


  1. It is so nice to see another venice! Welcome to our blogging community. There are several other venices here that you can read through it really helped me in deciding what options I wanted and what advice were helpful.

    I am jealous of your hardwood floors :) I really wanted them so hopefully down the road I can add them. You have some very nice choices. You will have so much fun watching your house be built up from the ground. Congrats on signing the contract and welcom to our little world. :)

  2. Hi Stephanie! You guys do all seem to be close. Which, is great. I am hoping to get hardwood after I move in, so don't be jealous, its on the wishlist with the granite. And, you know how those lists sit and sit for awhile. lol..

  3. WELCOME!!! =)

    I'm pretty sure the island comes with one outlet... or at least on my model it did. You can call your Rep and ask! And is one outlet in the garage okay? Because that's all it comes with too.

    It sounds like your home is going to be beautiful!!! =) Great choices!!

  4. I think all the islands I have seen have included one outlet...we added an additional one to the opposite end.

  5. Ok, great, I may or may not need to add an add'l one then. Depends on where they put it.