Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mortgage Application Sent!

That was many many signatures and initials. But, I am sooo glad for it to be sent. Now 10-15 days until I know the final decision if I am "Clear to Close" So, that's relief, then I have Flooring and Guardian next week. I was due for it to be Friday, but I was out sick from work Mon and Tues so no leaving for me. lol.. Also, I meet with my rep on Sat to pick Siding and stuff.. My Mom knows I won't relax until I get the clearance from the Mortgage Company, so she was asking why I had to pick the stuff now before I knew anything, and I think that is a good question. It would be so heartbreaking to do it all and then not have an ok.. So, even with my Loan Officer saying a few times over, it should be no problem getting it approved, I still worry. But, I pray and leave it alone.

So guys, whats new? lol..


  1. Nothing much! They wouldn't bother processing if they weren't confident that they could appove your loan. Everything will be fine but we all felt the SAME way!!!

  2. I hope your place is better at time management then mine!! We were told a week a MONTH ago!

  3. I remember feeling the same way signing all the paperwork without the final approval and picking out all the colors and selection. I was a nervus wreck. Wish they had a different way of processing things but it is what it is. You will get your answer soon enough and the first thing you want to do is scream "YES" on the top of your lungs and celebrate. Take a deep breath and relax. It will happen and once it does all the more reason to smile. :)

  4. Thanks guys! Atleast I know they are working on it bc they sent the Verification of Employment today. (Smaller company and I work directly under the CEO, so those types of forms have to pass through me) So, that's exciting!

    Steph, I'm with you, they need a different way.