Friday, June 10, 2011

Processing the Application!

I work for a smaller company, so when they sent the verification of employment over, it went through me. I am excited to know that they are atleast working on my application. Would I be too ambitious to pray for an approval by next week?! Either way, I am praying for it.

On a design note, what color cabinets did you guys pick? Right now mine are Maple Cognac, but I haven't seen any pics on the blog of a completed kitchen with them. thinking of going up to the Espresso color, but scared it may be too dark? But, I am very modern, contemporary, so I think it will be a better fit. So, if you guys know any bloggers that have Maple Cognac or the Espresso cabinets, please direct them my way, or me their way. Thanks!

Elevation C with porch! Yes, I am BEYOND excited. Only options here are Elevations A,B,C. I chose B for the porch, but I can have Elevation C with the porch. So, win,win, I am stoked!


  1. I just went to and looked at model pictures! I went all around the country looking at model pictures of kitchen cabinets. If you want, I can go to the model home in the neighborhood we're building in and take a pic. VERY dark cherry...possibly the Espresso and post it for you if you want. The model is the Verona, but cabinets are cabinets.

    I still haven't found 1 picture of my cabinets on ANYTHING!! So I can't wait for them to be in and post pictures of them! =)

    I'm off to google Elevation C with a porch! It sounds beautiful!!!

  2. Oh, We got approval about a week after processing had you never know!! =)

    Elevation C is the one with like 6 same size windows on top, right? Should be nice!!

  3. YES, if you can get a pick of the espresso I would LOVE it! Your cabinets are white with the gold trim work right? If so, they will probably be harder to find. Good taste, but for a model home probably being touched and marked is reason to stop them from being put up.

    And, yes, that is elevation C. But, I do not believe Elevation C comes with a porch, it is a custom addition. Again, that will take vision also.

    CONGRATS on the approval. I am hoping, hoping, hoping. For mine to come soon.


    I think this is the Expresso in the Capri Model here with St. Cecelia granite.