Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picked Siding and Change Order for Cabinets!

Hi Guys,

Life is a tad hectic. Being a single Mom of a 2 1/2 year old, full-time employee, and college is ALOT! But, I am trying to stay on top of this because you guys that are detailed helped me MUCHO. So, yesterday I picked the siding(SandTone?) and door color is (WineStone?). I am hoping I got the colors right. I don't have shutters on my house with Elevation C. Which, I don't know how to feel about that yet. Does anyone have Venice Elevation C? I have yet to see a finished house with this elevation, so I can only cross my fingers that it will look nice. As for the Cabinets, I am HEAVILY weighing towards the Espresso. Just need the courage to take that bold step, if not I will definitely change to Cherry. Right now I have Maple Cognac, but I want a darker one. Also, I decided to do the plumbing rough-in in the basement. But, that is all that is going on right now. Just waiting on that call saying "Vanessa, great news, you are Clear to Close!" Until then, I am still on edge, I know I'm probably plucking you guys nerves saying it so much, bc my Mother has told me more than once to be quiet and let God work. Also, just to let you know, I am keeping up with your blogs, just not always signed in to comment quickly, but I'm watching and progress is great so far.


  1. This is just a thought, but what kind of kitchen furniture do you have? (or do you plan to get?)

    If you are planning to get new furniture, they make a LOT of furniture in the dark expresso color now. And it's nice. If you you know you are in the market for new furniture it may be easier to get it in that color than cherry. And if so, then you'll want to go with the same color cabinets.

    Now, if you have lighter furniture now and know that you won't be getting anything new in the next several years, you may want to go lighter.

    I went to I looked at different models in my area, and in different states. They all have at least one picture of the kitchen. After looking around, I knew what I wanted. You could always do that.

    I know it is so hard to narrow down such big choices. But you already picked the hardest thing...the outside colors! You can always do a remodel inside later or paint if you don't like what you pick.

    I originally picked cherry too. It's so warm and rich and inviting. But I kept coming back to the Antique White ones. I had always wanted them. Finally, I told my husband. He was tired of me 2nd guessing it all. He said we should just go ahead and do a change order and get the white ones, and if I had truly been happy with the cherry, I wouldn't be 2nd guessing it. So we did the change order and I haven't ever looked back. I am over the moon about it! I'm glad we did it.

    GL hon. Keep us posted!

  2. Go to my blog and find venice evolution - Natalie she has a venice elevation c but no shutters. For some reason that elevation doesn't come with a shutter. There is a venice elevation c that is building just down the street from me. If you want I do not mind taking a pic of it.

    I think its amazing how you are building a beautiful home as a single working mom. That must be so tough! My little one is 21 months will be 2 very soon. She really keeps me on my toes.

  3. Noey: I have NO kitchen furniture, so I can go with any color and be good. But, don't know if I am brave enough for the Espresso, but don't want the average Cherry (beautiful, but lots of people choose it). I have until Wednesday to decide. All Change Orders need to be in by then. :/ YIKESSSSS lol..

    Steph: Thanks a BUNCH, I have to go look at it bc I am kinda worrying about changing elevations now. Most homes have shutters. lol.. So, kinda different to me. Also, it IS tough. But, I can say I have an AMAZING support system, Family! ANd, these lil ones are like Energizer bunnies.

  4. Im looking at the three elevations now and to be honest I like elevation C the best. I think thats what I would pick as well. Yes, having shutters are nice but I REALLY like that full window instead of the smaller decorative window thats over the door. I believe that is in a room with a normal sized window so to me it looked a bit odd. But thats just me. I would think that would be harder to change if you ever wanted to. You can always buy shutters after the fact too. Most houses down here in FL don't have shutters at all. Its funny because Im from Boston and it was alot to get used to all the different changes and styles that they have down here (NO basements and I MISS my basement, most houses are 1 story, lots and lots of tile floors, but the central AC everywhere is nice)

    Are you getting the brick on it as well? That looks really nice too. Pick which ever one you are drawn to most. And yes you might change your mind...but with us, I signed my contract May 10th added all options and stuff and on June 11th I completely changed my elevation. I felt so bad for my rep but he was fine with it and he said for the most part as long as you havent broke ground and still doing change orders, you can pretty much change anything. He said the 14 day window is something they like to stick to so that they can get the ball rolling on building, but if your not comfortable with something they want to make it right before they start anything. So its more like a guideline rather than a concrete deadline. At least thats what my rep down here told me. Now changes after groundbreak is a different story. You can do some...but they will cost ya.

  5. Plus Im a window person...I love lots of windows (probably because we've dubbed our condo now as "The Cave" and I like the window setup with Elevation C. I like the 6 full windows on the top instead of the 4 full and 1 smaller one. And also if you look at Elevation B it doesnt have shutters on the bottom window...kinda weird they would do that.

  6. Hi NBN,

    I do like Elevation C the most, but didn't initially get it bc it didn't have a porch, but now I can have Elevation C with a porch, I'm excited. No brick :( I like the brick also, but was a tad pricey. I think all in all it will look alright. Sells Rep says they case the window in moulding so it looks nice.

  7. Hi Vanessa,
    Like Steph said, I have elevation C and I'm so glad we got it. The only other people in my neighborhood that have it either have half brick or half stone so I wasn't sure what it would look like with al siding. I did a little driving around to other neighborhoods and found some examples and easily convinced my husband to switch from elevation A. Of all the decisions we made about the house it was the best one. I actually like it better with all siding than with half brick or stone because the house doesn't look broken up. Although I would love to have an all brick front, but that wasn't offered in our area. I've also seen some new pictures of elevation C with a porch and think it looks awesome! We've talked about adding one in the future but who knows if and when that'll happen! Also, I don't remember the names of our siding and door colors but think they might be the same or similar to yours. Good luck with everything!