Sunday, May 29, 2011

From the Beginning!

When I first started looking for a house to purchase, I thought it would be easy. A buyers market, right? Well, not really this buyer's market! The homes I liked, needed WORK. More than I was willing to do. So, I decided I wanted new, or atleast relatively new. Then I found out that Ryan Homes were building in an existing neighborhood that was already established. So, I said, GREAT that is definitely an option.

I had to almost beg my Realtor to show me some of their models. (story for a later time) Anywho, we went I loved them, I bounced around the affordability with the options because who can do without ANY options? Exactly. So, I took time to figure out which lot would work, I feel, I have a WONDERFUL lot. Made some choices on options and went and signed the contract YESTERDAY! Yayyyyy!

I am joyed today, which I wish I could say that about yesterday. My brother went with me to sign contract and wanted to take pics of me doing so, but I opted out bc I was majorly sick. But, I got through it and I am UNDER CONTRACT! Can we say excited?! I am not completely celebrating yet bc I want to wait for the FINAL approval from underwriting. That will be a tad nerve wrecking until I get that. My ratios are kinda borderline for my loan program. But, I will keep you guys updated. Btw, thank you to all of you bloggers, I've been watching for a long while, you guys have made my decisions on options almost a breeze and I've learned so much. Thanks


  1. Your final approval will come quick, I only had to wait for a week and a half it will come fast. The waiting part can be nerve wrecking but once it happens then you will feel like you are walking on air.

    Next time be sure to take a picture of the sold sign on your lot. That is the fun part. Welcome to the blog family.

  2. I hope Stephanie is right and yours comes quick. I'm STILL waiting. Been waiting since April 17th. *strums fingers on the desk*

    Congratulations on the house! And welcome the e-neighborhood!

  3. Welocme aboard Vanessa!! If you have any questions...come here! I've learned SO much from my great Ryan E-neighbors!!

  4. Hi Vanessa...WELCOME to our not so little Ryan Homes eFamily. Feel free to ask questions, share ideas, share frustrations and joys. We are here for you during your ups and downs and you will find that it is mostly ups. Above all else...relax and enjoy the process.

  5. Thanks guys, you are all great. This process is very tedious. The whole thing is patience, and I lack much of that. =)